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Work At Home Summit

Get the skills you need to finally start working at home this year!

How to work at home legitimately: No scams, no surveys, no selling to your friends

Did you know that it doesn’t really take a whole lot to make a legitimate living working from home?

All it takes is The Right Skills + The Right Actions to create results — and the work-from-home life that you’ve always wanted.


At least that’s what Caitlin Pyle would say…

And there is good reason to believe her.

Caitlin has a booming business that she started from home. She’s been featured on multiple news publications as a work-from-home expert. But it wasn’t always that way…

Caitlin had great intentions of paying off the debt from her wedding and her career when she landed a “stable” job.

But then the unexpected happened: In August 2011, her 3 bosses called her in to the conference room at her work to fire her.

Yet they didn’t just fire her… they hurled all manner of insults at her.

“You’re a pig,” said one boss.

“You’ll die alone,” said another.

“I feel sorry for your husband. I strongly suggest that you never have children.”


I know… I almost couldn’t believe it myself, but I know Caitlin and I know how much she’s been through, and this story is 100% true.

Sadly, “stable” jobs are often an illusion because you never know when you might get fired — and in many cases for reasons outside of your control… poor revenues, new management, corporate decisions and refocusing, etc.

And like Caitlin, you might never see it coming.

Let’s just say, she never returned to her $24,000-per-year job after that.

Instead, building on her skills and taking the right actions, Caitlin turned her side hustle as a proofreader into her primary income — and beyond.

In fact — get this — her proofreading side hustle grew into a multimillion-dollar media company she runs from home with the help of 25+ virtual team members.

That business now generates $200,000+ per month.

Thing is, Caitlin is nobody special. She still puts her pants on the same way I do.

She started at rock bottom after getting fired.

She developed valuable skills independent of a job, then used those skills to meet other people’s needs — and earned money in the process.

Want to learn how to do it for yourself? You can! Caitlin has taken her experience — along with the experience of 45+ other experts — and created the first-ever Work-At-Home Summit.

Over 6 action-packed days, you’ll learn directly from Caitlin and her dream team of 45+ experts on how combining The Right Skills + The Right Actions can make your work-at-home dream a reality THIS year.

The cost? Zero dollars and zero cents.

And no commute, either!

Check it out here!

You can use what you learn during the summit to create additional income to help you pay off debt, save up for that vacation you wanted, or maybe even completely replace your income like Caitlin did.

You can spend more time with your family instead of commuting to your job.

If 2018 is THE year you want to jump in and build your own work-at-home life, register for the free Work-At-Home Summit here:

Here is my affiliate link for the Work-At-Home Summit

Here are some of the lessons you’ll learn — and the experts you’ll meet! — in the summit:

Landing your first work-at-home job (with Angie Nelson)
Becoming a virtual assistant (with Gina Horkey)
Making money as a writer/blogger (with Jeff Goins)
Identifying your work-at-home strengths (with Rosemarie Groner)
Making money as an affiliate marketer (with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner)
Exploding your income by offering digital marketing services (with Julie Stoian)

Not only is the event free, but it’s also virtual — after all, what would a Work-At-Home Summit be if you couldn’t attend from home? 🙂

P.S. — Just by registering for the free Work-At-Home Summit, you’ll get a free download of Caitlin’s brand-new controversial eBook, Work-At-Home Truth Bombs. Register here.